Petra Glosr Cvrkalová
CEO of Nadační fond Vrba
(endowment fund supporting the widowed and their families)
“Nielsen Legal assists us on a pro bono basis in addressing the legal issues of our clients – the widowed suffering hardship. With plenty of families affected yet left out of the public eye, concern and attention, I really appreciate the help and assistance provided and am glad to see that there are businesses and individuals demonstrating respect, compassion and concern for our clients.”
Miloš Tkáčik
Founder and Managing Director of Principal engineering s.r.o.
(provider of IT and telco services for banks and other corporate clients)
“Tomáš Nielsen has guided us through many years in the industry – advised us on corporate matters, assisted us in structuring complex contracts and agreements executed with our clients, guided us through the process of setting correct customer relationships regarding body shopping, cloud solutions or custom software, assisted us with our GDPR compliance, advised us on a range of regulatory and legal issues including AML, software, know-how and intellectual property protection, licensing, etc. I can attest to his expertise, ability to find business-friendly solutions, personal approach and co-operation that has evolved over the years steadily from professional partnership to friendship.”
Jindřich Fornůsek
Co-Founder and Managing Director of MOB-Bars s.r.o.
(developer and producer of sophisticated mobile barriers)
“Tomáš Nielsen and his team assist us from the very beginning of our existence. They have guided us through the process of company incorporation, assisted us in setting correct legal relationships and in transitioning from academia to industry, and advised us on safeguarding our intellectual property rights and defining contractual relationships with our suppliers and business partners. Teaming up with Nielsen Legal has proven to be beneficial also to the further development of our business in terms of defining efficient business models for co-operation, protecting our know-how and other intellectual property rights and interests, building corporate relationships, etc.”
Martin Kasa
Co-Owner of Pilulka Lékárny a.s.
(digital company operating in the CEE pharmacy and healthcare market)
“Tomáš Nielsen assists us in relation to our activities abroad by advising us on setting correct relationships with our business partners, safeguarding our investments and defining respective contractual arrangements. I appreciate, and can attest to, his expertise in dealing with business partners and in finding proper legal and business models for co-operation.”
Radek Šitera
Founder of Valuo Technologies s.r.o.
(operator of the real estate website
“Nielsen Legal assists us from the very beginning of our existence by advising us on setting up and forming our business. I appreciate, and can attest to, the expertise and knowledge of Tomáš Nielsen and his team in the area of corporate law, copyright, intellectual property protection and online business.”
Tomáš Kačena
Managing Director of Extra Online Media s.r.o.
(operator of the lifestyle website
“Tomáš Nielsen and his team assist us in developing our website. Over the years, Nielsen Legal has advised us on corporate in-house matters, privacy and other issues. I appreciate, and can attest to, their knowledge and expertise in the area of online media and ability to find and promote timely and efficient solutions.”
Dalibor and Milan Šípek
Bořek Šípek’s art work curators
“Tomáš and his team help us solving different legal issues, from personal and business matters, to intellectual property protection and corporate issues. We consider our co-operation a partnership, where we value the personal approach, modern style of work and creative solutions. We also value the expertise of Nielsen Legal, which means to us a strong support, both business-wise and personally.”
Jess Julin Ibsen
CEO of Itadel A/S
(renown IT-services provider operating on the international level)
“Tomáš assisted us in setting-up our Czech filial company as well as in putting together some highly important agreements and terms and conditions. I value his expertise in the area of corporate and IT law, as well as his (and his colleagues’) know-how in other areas, such as real estate transactions, personal data protection, etc. Because these are all areas, in which we collaborated until now. I consider Nielsen Legal a very important partner for us in the area of legal matters.”
Vít Bělohradský
Managing Director of FRMOL s.r.o.
(renown producer of successful projects including documentary films and series, reality shows, talk shows, educational projects, etc.)
“Tomáš has assisted us for nearly a year by guiding us through the process of implementing various film and TV projects, namely as regards film co-production agreements and related copyright. I can attest to his quick response, ability to find objective and, where necessary, other than traditional solutions, and personal approach.”
Petr Koutný
Managing Director of Banking Software Company s.r.o., provider of complex IT solutions for banks and other corporate clients
„I have been co-operating with Tomáš Nielsen for many years. He assists us in all areas of law, connected to our business activities. From creation of system of template agreements for our clients, license and software protection, dispute resolution or internal matters, such as a large project of moving into new premises, investments in foreign projects, etc. I have experienced many lawyers – in case of Tomáš and his firm, I consider the main benefit not only knowledge of the matters solved, but especially the ability to find business solutions, prevent disputes or solve them by win-win agreements, wherever possible. I also value his highly personal approach to our co-operation and his attitude to building long-term relationships with his clients.“
Zdeněk Vaníček
Honorary Chairman of Česká asociace elektronických komunikací z.s.
“We partner with Tomáš Nielsen to carry out the mission of the professional association of electronic communications (regular contributions to conferences, workshops and seminars on regulatory topics in 1999–2019) and to deliver guest lectures at academic institutions including the Czech Technical University in Prague and Charles University in Prague. We have teamed up to provide annotations and commentary on the Electronic Communications Act and have run a dedicated workshop on telecommunications at the Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague. I can highly recommend Tomáš Nielsen as one of the leading and most respected experts in ICT law with rich domestic and international experience in the field and can personally vouch for his professionalism and expertise in the area of TMT law and copyright protection.”