New Technologies, Software Protection, IT and TMT Law

Nielsen Legal Services

Watching closely the new technologies and emerging trends, we advise clients wishing to safeguard their investments in IT as well as IT suppliers wishing to build long-term customer relationships (IT service delivery, maintenance, support, etc.).

Adoption of new technologies by businesses raises a number of legal questions: regulatory (privacy, online advertising, online betting), corporate (know-how and intellectual property protection, aspects of employment) and business (fair performance acceptance criteria, copyright, licences, overseas legal relationships, service-level agreements, etc.).

Having a strong command over media law, we are able to assist and support publishers, broadcasters, media monitoring agencies and other media market participants. We advise our clients on a range of regulatory issues (broadcasting, advertising, lotteries, and prize competitions) and other matters such as traditional employment and freelance arrangements, copyright and related rights, and protection of personality rights, with a special focus on internet media and content providers.

With a strong grasp of telecommunications law, we assist and support our clients in delivering high-quality electronic communications services and systems and establishing professional relationships with market regulators (office of telecommunications, competition authority, etc.).


We assist and support clients in safeguarding their economic interests while investing in information technology, as well as IT suppliers in building long-term customer relationships based on top-quality and well-balanced contracts.

We advise our clients on software protection and assist them in building proper work relationships with individual employees, contractors and/or freelance developers and guide software distributors through contract administration and relationship management to the review of contract performance with a focus on post-contract software maintenance, customer privacy, etc.

  • IT procurement contracts (software and hardware)
  • IT service agreements and body-shopping arrangements
  • hands-on strategic legal advice and help with complex project implementations


The growing competition and strict local and EU regulations in the telecommunications market have made it necessary for the suppliers of telecommunication systems and equipment to navigate through the maze of regulations for standard, encrypting and other special devices in order to deliver top-notch systems, equipment and related services able to meet the high requirements of customers and hence gain a key competitive advantage over their rivals.

We advise our clients on starting similar projects and assist them in defining their mutual rights and obligations that may (and often do) change in time, taking account of the telecommunications market specifics and the crucial importance of long-lasting relationships created between the suppliers of telecommunication systems and equipment and their customers.

We also advise operators and providers of electronic communications services that are additionally required to follow the regulatory developments both at home and abroad and be aware of legislation changes affecting the terms and conditions of their business dealings with customers. Having a strong command over the core concepts, we are able to advise and represent our clients in dealings with regulators over relationships with market participants, (access) operators and state agencies.

  • customer contracts and agreements, service contracts and agreements, terms of business
  • international aspects, transmission of classified information
  • dispute advice and related legal support


All media houses alike, whether traditional publishers, broadcasters or other market participants, are subject to extensive regulatory and legal compliance requirements with the right to rectification and the right of reply underpinning the growing importance of the protection of intellectual property rights and copyright, in particular.

With the rise of online media, new laws have been created to regulate advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and prize competitions, protection from inappropriate content, and privacy, all this with a focus on internationalisation and its requirement for content publishing in compliance with international law.

  • legal relationships with employees, contractors and freelancers
  • copyright
  • media monitoring legal relationships
  • online media advice
  • right to rectification, right of reply, freedom of speech